Any change in the home environment can be stressful.

There are several ways that stress during such times can be reduced or minimised, and “We Sort You” specialise in this by project managing from start to finish.

If the configuration of those living within the home is changing it is important to ensure that all parties, remaining in the house, or moving on, endeavour to do so with sensitivity and integrity.

For the party moving on it is particularly important they have the ability to re-establish themselves in an environment whereby any children involved are able to be accommodated for, and made to feel welcome and comfortable.

If it is necessary for the sale of a property, it is essential for the home to be presented at its best, and given the optimum opportunity for highest return as this will be beneficial to both parties.

Decluttering a home is not easy, and we have a step by step process that can include the following:

1. Ascertain when was the last time you used an item, if it was not in the last 2 years you probably won't use it again.

2. Establish if certain items are still relevant for you, and your family’s needs.

3. How much is your clutter worth? Reselling via eBay, Gumtree or various Facebook pages can be a way to declutter your home, and could provide some extra cash.

4. Donating your unwanted items is also a fantastic way to declutter your home, as is handing down to friends or family who maybe at different life stages and could need what you don’t.

5. Employ the services of a Professional Organiser who is not emotionally involved, this will ensure a different perspective is in place.

6. Ensure all children, no matter what age, are a part of the process, and assist with all decision making in regards to their personal belongings.

7. If possible allow plenty of time to co-ordinate the decluttering process as once again this will reduce stress.

“We Sort You” can assist with all aspects of changing home circumstances, and pride ourselves on being sensitive and discreet at what can be, emotional times.

“We Sort You” understand and are here to project manage any move, no matter how big or small.

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