People get pretty uptight when it comes to moving home or office. It is not hard to see why. The experts say it is more stressful than divorce. I can agree with that from experience. When people would ask me about how my move went, l would almost have a panic attach just remembering how over whelming it was. What l learnt from that was that you don’t have to have that experience and you can make it stress free. This is how l began my company with my business partner.We Sort You take the stress out of your move by project managing it from start to finish. We have a few tips to try and make the process a little less stressful.

You are going to have to be fully committed to the process to make this a less laborious experience. There should be no doubts about. To get yourself prepared you will need to make a few lists and the first will be what you need. The obvious things are boxes, tape, box cutters and markers to label everything.

If you are SORTED and have everything set up how and where you want your items to be placed this process should make life so much easier when you get to the other end and unpack. You’ll feel more comfortable about starting your new life in your new home and neighbour hood.

“We Sort You’, have many years experience in this area. We listen to what our clients need us to do for them and follow their brief. If you are time poor get We Sort You in to declutter, pack, move and unpack you stress free so you can concentrate on more important things.

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